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 Institute of Geosciences
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Major Projects

Current Projects:

Former Projects:

  • Research Unit 353
    Layered Chalcogenides: Growth and Interface Phenomena
  • Research Unit 451
    Impact of Gateways on Ocean Circulation, Climate, and Evolution
  • PAGANINI (PAnama basin and GAlapagos plume - New INvestigations of Intraplate magmatism)
  • SFB 313 Environmental Change: the northern North Atlantic
  • Marine Paleoclimatology within the Scope of the National Climate Project of the BMBF
    german Coordinator: Prof. Dr. M. Sarnthein (-1.1.2000)
  • IMAGES (Internationale MArine Global ChangE Studien) Secretariat
    "IMAGES Director": Prof. Dr. M. Sarnthein (-1.4.2004)