ESF Workshop

Structures and properties of inorganic crystals from theory and experiment
Plön, FRG, 26.09 - 01.10.1998

Workshop within the ESF Programme
Electronic Structure Calculations for Elucidating the Complex Atomistic Behaviour of Solids and Surfaces

The aim of this workshop is to bring together experimentalists from the chemistry, mineralogy, physics and material science communities with developers of quantum mechanic codes so that the state-of-the-art and the specific needs of 'computational crystallography' can be assessed. This workshop is intended as a sequel to the 1997 CECAM workshop on `Computational Mineralogy'

This workshop is organized by Björn Winkler (Kiel) and Victor Milman (MSI/Cambridge).

Additional funding has been provided by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kristallographie

The workshop will take place at the Hotel Stadt Plön in Plön, which is close to Kiel (30 min by train) and Hamburg (1.5 h by train, train leaves Hamburg main station hourly at a quarter past)

Time table

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