1st Kiel Workshop
on the
Application of Computer Simulations to Mineralogy

Macroscopic properties from lattice energy and lattice dynamics calculations

Kiel, 17.03 - 21.03.97

This 'hands-on' course is addressed at diplom and doctoral students in mineralogy / crystallography / solid state chemistry. No prior knowledge of computer simulations, the use of UNIX computers or lattice dynamics will be assumed. The program used in the course, GULP, by J. Gale, will be made available to interested participants.

Aim of the short-course:

  • Introducing computer simulations to help solve mineralogical/crystallographical problems
  • 'Hands-on' experience with a modern lattice energy/lattice dynamics program
  • Discussion of future developments

  • Financial contributions by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kristallographie, the Deutsche Mineralogische Gesellschaft and the Ministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur des Landes Schleswig-Holstein are gratefully acknowledged.

    Contents and time table of the course

    An introduction by Volker Heine

    Speakers will include:
    Prof. Dr. V. Heine; Dr. M. Dove ; Dr. V. Milman ; Dr. J. Gale ;
    Prof. Dr. H. Küppers ; Prof. Dr. W. Depmeier ; Dr. C. Geiger ; Dr. B. Winkler

    We now have reached the maximum number of participants, so we cannot accept further applications. Sorry !

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