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 Institute of Geosciences
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Earthquakes, volcanism and the collision of continents are an expression of the dynamic processes of the interior of our planet. For humans it is important to study these processes because they are causing not only natural hazard but also the forming of mineral resources and oil and gas reservoirs. Geophysics investigates the interior of the earth a.o. the structure and evolution of the continents, ocean basins and mountain ranges. Based on tomography and other physical techniques, Applied Geophysics contributes significantly to exploring mineral, hydrocarbon and groundwater resources and other subsurface objects.

the focus of geophysical research at Kiel University is on

  • Marine Geophysics,
  • Environmental, archeological and geotechnical applications of geophysics,
  • Earthquakes and the structure of the earth's crust and mantle,
  • Computer simulation and 3D interpretation methods.