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 Metamorphic and Magmatic Petrology
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Prof. Dr. R. Bousquet
Tel.: +49 431 880 2888
E-Mail: bousquet(at)


Ms. S. Nazareth
Tel.: +49 431 880 2892
Fax: +49 431 880 4457
E-mail: sn(at)


Institute of Geosciences,
University Kiel
Ludewig-Meyn-Str. 10
D-24118 Kiel

Olivine Gabbro


February 2015

  • We would like to draw your attention on a DMG (German Mineralogical Society) short course that will take place in Kiel (Germany) in February 23-25, 2015 about "Introduction to thermodynamic modeling: Theory and Exercises". For further information click here

November 2013

  • Theriak_D is a new add-on for the open source Theriak/Domino software package. It works as an interface, providing the opportunity to process thermodynamic data in a programming environment like C, MATLAB® or SciLab©. For the free programm click here ; for further information click here

July 2013

  • A new version of Lambert, an iPhone or iPad App which turns your iPhone into a full geological compass. Stores the dip and azimuth data of geological planes together with gps position and data information to a table and plots Wulff Net or Schmidt Net diagrams. Available in the iTunes Application Store. See this file for more information.

  • A new textbook about Earth Sciences (in French): "Géosciences - la dynamique du système Terre"
    1160 pages with more than 800 figures in color. For further information click here