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EU-Project Descramble

The project DESCRAMBLE is founded within the framework of the EU-initiative "HORIZON 2020". The focus is to perform a "Drilling in dEep, Super-CRitical AMBient of continentaL Europe" The drilling will be done in spring 2017.

The Institute of Geosciences addresses following objectives:

  • Construction of a underground model from existing and new seismic data
  • Characterization of the K-horizon
  • Determination of seismic velocities of deep core samples under high-pressure and high temperature in petrophysical laboratoy experiments


A piggyback experiment connected to the VSP measurements was conducted in November 2015 together with the TUBA Freiberg. Aim of the piggyback experiment was to obtain additional seismic data to improve the seismic velocity model which is needed for the construction of the underground model and for the characterization of the K-horizon.


340 standalone seismic stations were installed along crossing two profiles. The seismic stations were equipped with one- or three-component 4.5 Hz geophones. The signals were continuous recorded with 400 Hz on DATA-CUBEs from Omnirecs UG.


The sources of the VSP measurements (airgun in an artificial pond & vibro trucks) was also used in the piggyback experiment resulting in high signal-noise-ratio due to a vertical stack of more than 100.



Map of the piggyback experiment
Installation of the seismic stations
Airgun source