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Field Trips 2016



All field trips take place in the limits of the regulations given by the Department of Travel Management at the CAU.

The regulations are provided by the documnets

'Exkursionsrichtlinie' - in German language only - and

'Allgemeine Rahmenbedingungen zur Teilnahme an Exkursionen (ARBEx)' - in German language only -

on the webpages of the Department of Travel Management of the CAU.


By subscribing for a field trip you accept these regulations





The allocation of free places for the field trips listed at the bottom of the page will be done via the OLAT platform.


Please find an overview of dates for field trips and block courses at the bottom of the page.


To register, you need to access the OLAT platform using your stu- identification number (the same one which you use to login into your university email-account). If you do not have one yet, go to the main page of the CAU - Menü Quicklinks (right): „Zentrale Lernplattform der CAU“. There you will find instructions and help regarding the setup of a stu-account. Please make sure to have it set up well in advance. Also make sure that you can receive emails on your stu-email-account (there is enough storage capacity etc). If you did not receive indicative emails regarding the excursions in 2016, there is a problem.


You will find the lists of excursions in the catalogue of the OLAT platform under

Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät > Geowissenschaftliche Geländeveranstaltungen.

The courses will become visible there already some days before the registration start.



The registration for excursions will be open from

Monday, the 11th of January 2016 (from 19:30)


Sunday, the 31st of January 2016 (23:59)

ATTENTION !!! For some of the lectures the registrations closes already on the 17th of January 2016 !!!

Please consider, that the decision regarding your specialization area has an influence on which field trips you should take. Therefore, it might be necessary that you make this decision as soon as possible. Under certain circumstances, participation might not be possible when registering at a later time.


Please note that a registration for an excursion is binding. A statement that the decision regarding your specialization area has changed will not be accepted as a valid reason for cancelling a registration.

But: If the places for a cource are limited the places are assigned in order of the rules given in the 'Fachprüfungsordnung' (§9). These rules descide if you stay in the list for the course.

Please keep in mind that the lecturers adjust their program according to registrations. Late cancellations or not showing up for the field trip will possibly lead to higher costs for the participating students, since booked arrangements must be adhered to.


Please also bear in mind that the lists in OLAT will not be visible after 31.01.2015 anymore. The lists of participants will be given on to the lecturers. Therefore, please note the dates for which you have registered for your records. If you have any questions after this date, please contact the lecturer directly.


Please consider the following principles when registering for excursions:

1.   The registration is binding! If you are absent, it will be marked as 'failed to attend' (5,0).

2.   Do not register for two field trips taking place at the same time. Sollte dies möglich sein und fällt eine Doppeleintragung auf, werden Sie aus beiden/allen Teilnehmerlisten gelöscht und verlieren den Anspruch auf Ihren Wunschtermin. 

3.   The number of participants is limited. Further registration will be listend on a additional waiting-list. Also the registration on a waiting-list is binding.

4.   Should there be no free spaces left, please sign in for the waiting list. Only this way we are able to assess the relation of demand to supply. 

5.   In any case you should get a notice via email that you are registered either for the regular appointment or have a place on the waiting list. You will also get such a message if you have been moved from the waiting list to the regular list.

6.  Information regarding the excursion will in any case be disclosed via your  stu-Email address. Please take care that you receive them and follow them regularly. We cannot react to error messages, e.g. if your mailbox is overfull.



Credit for field trips


Field trips can generally only be accredited for the modules to which they belong. Should you wish the field trips to be accredited for other modules, make sure to get an official approval of persons responsible for the according module prior to the field trip.

Please use the approval form, which you can get at the Examination Office, for potential approvals.

Keep in mind that the fact of cases of accreditation in the past does not automatically guarantee accrediation in your case. A decision regarding accreditation is influenced by varying framework conditions and can turn out differently from year to year.


Information regarding field trip


Information on field trips and preliminary discussions is disclosed on the UnivIS website as well as on bulletin board in the Institute or via the stu-Email mailing list. In some cases, participation in the preliminary discussions is mandatory and decides whether you stay on the list of participants. For some field trips it may even be required to have made a contribution (bank transfer receipt) to the field trip costs prior to the preliminary discussion.


Please find the appointments of the field trips under the following links:


Bachelor Geowissenschaften (2016)

B.Sc. Physik des Erdsystems, B.Sc. Geowissenschaften, M.Sc. Geophysik, M.Sc. Geowissenschaften, M.Sc. Marine Geosciences (2016)