Workgroup Bauer
Prof. S. Bauer
Workgroup Bousquet
Petrology and Geodynamics
Prof. R. Bousquet
Workgroup Dahmke
Aquatic Geochemistry and Hydrogeology
Prof. A. Dahmke
Workgroup Ebbing
Satellite and Airborne Geophysics
Prof. J. Ebbing
AG Gottschalk
Marine Geology and Paleoceanography
Prof. J. Gottschalk
Workgroup Holzheid
Experimental and Theoretical Petrology
Prof. A. Holzheid
Workgroup Krastel
Marine Geophysics
Prof. S. Krastel
Workgroup Kuhnt
Marine Micropaleontology
Prof. W. Kuhnt
Workgroup Meier
Prof. T. Meier
Workgroup Pfeiffer
Prof. M. Pfeiffer
Workgroup Rabbel
Applied Geophysics
Prof. W. Rabbel
Workgroup B. Schneider
Paleoclimate Modelling
Prof. B. Schneider
Workgroup R. Schneider
Paleooceanography and Paleoclimate
Prof. R. Schneider
Workgroup Schwark
Organic Geochemistry
Prof. L. Schwark
Workgroup Winter
Coastal Geology and Sedimentology
Prof. C. Winter
Workgroup Wuttke
Geomechanics and Geotechnics
Prof. F. Wuttke

Joint Workgroups

AG Moosdorf
Coastal Hydrogeology
AG Moosdorf (Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research)