Study Plan - Study Regulations

The basic regulations for study programms are to be found in the "Prüfungsverfahrensordnung" (PVO). The "Prüfungsverfahrensordnung" provides minimum standards that can be specified by the "Fachprüfungsordnung" (FPO) of the indivisual study programm.

The study plan, "Studienverlaufsplan", is part of the "Fachprüfungsordnung (FPO)". The "Fachprüfungsordnung" provides as well specific regulations for the individual study programm.

The study plan provides information how the Modules are organized. Obligatory Modules are given for specific terms. For this specific term the lectures of the Modules are scheduled without time overlap. Lectures of elective Modules are provided either in winter or summer term.

Detailed information in the Modules are to be found in the "Module Catalogue".

SVP MSc MarGeosc


Prüfungsverfahrensordnung (PVO) der CAU
Fachprüfungsordnung (FPO) Master Marine Geosciences
Study plan Master Marine Geosciences
Module Catalogue Master Marine Geosciences




Only for students following the "Fachprüfungsordnung" (FPO 2017) - latest with summer term 2021:

Prüfungsverfahrensordnung (PVO) der CAU
Fachprüfungsordnung (FPO) 2017 Master Marine Geosciences
Study plan Master Marine Geosciences FPO 2017


The appointments of the lectures are to be found in the Information System of University Kiel. By selecting individual lectures in the  lecture directory a timetable can be provided. Individual lectures or as well lectures can be found via the scroll down menu 'search'.

As the Master thesis is set for the fourth term ist is difficult to include a term abroad. If this is intended it is recomended to plan well in advance and to account for a longer duration of study. Information on programms supporting stays abroad are to be found at the  International Center of the CAU




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