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 Peter Appel - Software Download
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Here is some of my software for download.

You can download the files and decompress them with Stuffit Expander and/or with the UNIX tar program.
See also this page for more computer related stuff.

Lambert - Turns your iPhone to a Geological Compass - An iPhone 3GS App which turns your iPhone into a full geological compass. Stores the dip and azimuth data of geological planes together with gps position and data information to a table and plots Wulff Net or Schmidt Net diagrams. Data can be transfered to your computer via Wi-Fi or local net.

Available in the iTunes Application Store. See this file for more information.

AgeFinder - Mac OS X (Tiger or later) application for age dating of monazite. From Thorium, Uranium and Lead concentrations and their analytical errors it performs age calculations and some statistical calculations. This powerful and user-friendly software (full Macintosh user interface, build with Cocoa) also generates isochrone and gauss curve diagrams and supports interactively selection of data subsets. This program is freeware and can be downloaded here. Click here for screenshots to see Mogeva in action.

Trinity - Ternary Diagram - Cocoa application for Mac OS X Tiger or later to plot ternary diagrams. This program allows import and export of tab-delimited text files with numeric data and plot them in ternary diagram. The diagram can be saved as pdf file for further editing.

TetLab - Tetrahedral Plots - Mac OS X Tiger (or later) application to plot tetrahedral diagrams. This program supports free rotation of the diagrams and to connect individual points by tie lines. As with Trinity, it is also possible to import text files and save diagrams as pdf for later editing with an image editor.

MacAgeMap - Mac OS X (Tiger or later) application to calculate age maps from Thorium, Uranium and Lead intensity maps. This powerful and user-friendly software (full Macintosh user interface, build with Cocoa) is designed to generate age maps of monazite, tiny Rare Earth Element Phospates, which are common in a wide range of rock types. This program is currently still under development and not for public free download. Contact me if you are interested in this software. Click here for screenshots to see MacAgeMap in action.

CombError - Simple application that reads in a text file with microprobe cps data for standard and unknown and calculates the combined error of the intensities and writes these data to a file. Contains the source code (ANSI C), executables for Mac OS X (carbon) and PPC and a short documentation.

Watcher - Watcher is a small application for HP-UX 10.20 which works together with the Jeol microprobe software. It is designed with the purpose to decrease the filament current after completion of microprobe measurements. The software looks periodically for a measurement process and, if no measurement task is found any more, it decreases the filament current to 80 and swiches Probe Scan off.

TriDia - Simple application for the generation of ternary diagrams. TriDia reads in a text file containing data and generates and Adobe Illustrator (version 3) file with these data plotted in a triangular diagram. Further graphic editing must be performed with Adobe Illustrator. Archive contains executables for Mac OS X, PPC and 68k Macs, documentation and source code (ANSI C).

drawcompa - A simple helper application for Roger Powell's and Tim Holland's THERMOCALC software. drawcompa reads in a text file containing THERMOCALC output and from this it generates ternary compatibility diagrams in Adobe Illustrator (version 3) format. The archive contains executables for Mac OSX (carbon) and PPC and documentation.

drawcompa - The same program but this version uses THERMOCALC's drawpd output instead of mathematica output.

Concentration/Age Map Tools - This is a collection of simple command-line tools for HP-UX which enable one to calculate concentration maps and maps which show the distribution of apparent ages of monazites. For more information see the documents on this page. The tarball archive can be downloaded by anonymous ftp from

ZAF-Matrix Correction - A simple ZAF program which performs a full matrix correction for K alpha emission lines for elements from Z=11 to Z=30. Only the source code is available, you have to compile it yourself.

MinMacro - A Microsoft Excel international macro for the calculation of mineral formulas and end member compositions of various minerals that include a matrix method for the determination of 9 pyroxene endmembers. I added a documentation and example Excel file to explain the use of the macro. The files were created with Excel 4.0 for the Mac but they may also be used with Excel for Windows.

ThermoBaro1.02 - Macintosh software for the calculation of temperatures and pressures of metamorphic equilibration from the mineral compositions. It is far from perfect at all and it might be highly probable that you will find some bugs. Documentation files are included. This software is old will not be improved any more.

CalcFormula - A DOS program to calculate mineral formulas from microprobe analyses. The program and the documentation file (as Adobe Acrobat Reader file) are in german (sorry!). This software is old and I will not work on it any more.