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Introduction to thermodynamic modeling: Theory and Exercises

DMG Short course February 23-25, 2015 in Kiel

Equilibrium assemblage phase diagrams (or „pseudosections“) are commonly used to predict metamorphic P-T conditions of rocks, which help to interpret geodynamic processes. An understanding of the thermodynamic assumptions, made in the calculations, is a prerequisite for computing such phase diagrams. Various approaches and internally consistent thermodynamic databases exist – which often, but not always, result in similar outcomes and are a good tool to predict the metamorphic history of rocks. In this course a short introduction to thermodynamics will be given and various applications of thermodynamic modeling will be presented. The course also takes a critical view of the reliability of modeled results and discusses the different thermodynamic approaches. Practical exercises will focus on the computation of equilibrium phase diagrams, T-X binary diagrams and X(Mg) isopleths. All exercises will be performed with the free software package Theriak/Domino (developed by C. De Capitani, University of Basel), including the add-on “theriak_d” for geodynamical applications.
Participants should bring their own laptop computers. The number of participants will be limited to 30. The official course language is English.

Lecturers: Erik Duesterhoeft, Christian de Capitani (University of Basel), and Romain Bousquet
Venue: Leibnizstraße 1, 24118 Kiel, Room: 106a (1 floor)
Beginning: 9:00 AM (Monday, February 23)
Accommodation: Please, check here